Press Shop

We specialize in large and medium batch production of die-cut, bent and deep-pressed elements. Processes of pressing are performed using our own as well as third parties’ tooling, and the following pressing machines:


Heavy press machines:

 - 8 hydraulic presses with pressure ranging from 200t to 1200t, including two presses with the pressure of 600t which can work in tandem – that allows for manufacturing parts with the length up to 6000 [mm]

 - 11 mechanical presses with the pressure from 250t to 500t.


Light press machines:

 - mechanical presses from 40t to 160t.


Our services on offer also include hot pressing process – this treatment allows for strengthening the material, obtaining both uniform structure and higher resistance along the fibres.


Our construction unit makes it possible for us to design, manufacture and adapt a variety of tools.    

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