FirmaTarapata cares about good relations with all the stakeholders of the company:

a) workers and co-workers - by providing them with a friendly workplace and maintaining a high standard of internal communication, both horizontally and vertically

b) suppliers of products and services -  through transparent cooperation rules and a high level of mutual trust

c) customers - by offering them products and services characterised, each time, by high quality

d) representatives of local communities – by supporting initiatives aimed at extending the cultural and educational-sport offer intended for the inhabitants of Mielec and the surrounding area

e) a key stakeholder of any contemporary company: the environment – by limiting the scope of the company's environmental impact and caring for a high standard of control of this impact

f) educational institutions - by building bridges between the educational and professional stages of the life of young people.

The company's representatives are particularly strong in their cooperation with educational institutions, both locally and globally.

Therefore they maintain cooperation with schools operating in Mielec and the surrounding area, providing students from technical schools the opportunity to:

a) get a traineeship at Firma Tarapata,

b) familiarise with the manufacturing process from the beginning on the premises of the company,

c)  use available materials for the purpose of attempting to develop products

The company constantly cooperates with the Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego i Doskonalenia Nauczycieli in Mielec providing this institution with support in the training of welders.

The company takes care of the local and trans-local market in contact with local schools, but also with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and the University of Technology in Rzeszow, systematically informing, well in advance, the demands of employees representing a specific specialprofile in Firma Tarapata.

Cooperation with the AGH has, as is worth mentioning, a broader nature and translates into joint research efforts to develop and implement new production technologies.

Building good relationships with employees translates, among other things, into supporting the reconciliation of work and private life, by providing employees with:

a) Multi-Sport cards under the Benefit-Systems

b) The reimbursement of the admission of workers and their families to the swimming pool

c)  Holiday aid for children of workers

d) Providing financial support in the event of a difficult random situation

The company also cares about the development of its employees by giving them the opportunity to participate in language courses.

Representatives of the company are also open and activelly, financially support local, cultural, sports, educational and religious initiatives, and care in this –  indirect way- of the local community, cultural and sports-educational offer directed to Inhabitants of Mielec and the surrounding area.

The care of the environment manifests in the company Tarapata, e.g.  in technological innovations. The company completed the construction and put into use the closed circuit of water intended for industrial purposes.

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